分享 这个犹太人的加州
MingHao 2022-8-13 03:46
Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California https://www.amazon.com/Towers-Gold-Immigrant-Hellman-California/dp/0312355270/ref=sr_1_10?crid=3UCESQQ9PFDOFkeywords=author+Otis+Edwardsqid=1660333392sprefix=author+otis+edwards%2Caps%2C50sr=8-10 ...
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分享 Robert Bennett Forbes and the Bark Lintin: 1829-1832
MingHao 2022-8-13 03:41
https://www.forbeshousemuseum.org/opium-exhibition/zoom-talk-otis-edwards/ Otis Edwards 欧天思 The University of Hong Kong , History , Graduate Student +3 | Maritime History +4 Since arriving in Asia in 1989, ...
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分享 Dragon and the Eagle: The Presence of China in the American Enlightenment
MingHao 2022-8-11 09:30
Previous scholarship held that the image of China did not penetrate North America until after trade was established between Canton and the East Coast in 1784. In The Dragon and the Eagle, A. Owen Aldridge reveals that a lively curiosity about oriental culture existed before the middle of the ...
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分享 万字解读|拜登签署芯片法案,细节、影响、借鉴及应对
MingHao 2022-8-11 01:33
万字解读|拜登签署芯片法案,细节、影响、借鉴及应对 美国芯片法案瞄准中国崛起的优势
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分享 美国“芯片法案”害人终将害己
MingHao 2022-8-10 05:22
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分享 摆脱俄式尴尬:对台解锁第三重含义
MingHao 2022-8-9 03:24
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分享 真正美国土生的华裔大科学家居然一个也没有?
MingHao 2022-8-8 03:20
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分享 我是谁:华裔孩子族裔认同感和积极发展
MingHao 2022-8-4 06:28
“我是谁:华裔孩子族裔认同感和积极发展” ;(苏少冰博士)讲得深入浅出,非常适合青少年家长,帮助家长理解孩子,支持孩子全面积极成长。 https://youtu.be/ZRSqroNsdrQ 重点slides
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分享 韩战的Almond遇到洗衣工
MingHao 2022-8-4 02:21
"DON'T LET A BUNCH OF CHINESE LAUNDRYMEN STOP YOU!" Gen. Ned Almond 纪录片,They Chose China, 讲若干美军战俘在朝鲜战争结束后选择到中国,以及之后的故事 https://www.taskforcefaith.com/documentary
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