分享 American History Timeline: 1783-1800
MingHao 2023-12-9 09:10
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分享 华尔街历史
MingHao 2023-12-9 07:41
独立之前,一万五千人都住在 City HALL以南,所以 AfricanBurialGround当时是城外的沼泽地没法用就给了他们当墓地。 https://www.newyorkalmanack.com/2022/01/a-history-of-wall-street-tontine-coffee-house-the-buttonwood-agreement/ 1920年华尔街爆炸案 https://www.fbi.gov/history/famous-cases/wall ...
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分享 华尔街历史 The Buttonwood Agreement 梧桐树协议
MingHao 2023-12-9 06:54
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buttonwood_Agreement Depiction of traders under the buttonwood tree A 1797 painting by Francis Guy . The building with the American flag is the Tontine Coffee House. Diagonally opposite (southeast corner, extreme right) is the Merc ...
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分享 Mensa International 高智商群体
MingHao 2023-12-9 05:05
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分享 Ethics 道德伦理
MingHao 2023-12-9 04:31
Ethics refers to the principles of right and wrong that guide individuals or groups in making decisions and behaving responsibly. It encompasses moral principles, values, and standards of conduct that govern human behavior. Ethics is a fundamental aspect of various fields, including ...
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分享 SLO 1886 驱逐华人
MingHao 2023-12-8 12:36
Lei Lynn Odom goes through the painstaking process of screening the dirt to find bits of history. Archeologists have found Chinese artifacts at the Palm Street parking garage dig on the site of historic Chinatown in San Luis Obispo in March 1987. David Middlecamp dmiddlecamp@thetribunenews.com Mor ...
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分享 2023-12-08
MingHao 2023-12-8 12:24
You How did DEI get started in AMerica ChatGPT ChatGPT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives in America have evolved over time in response to the country's changing demographics, social movements, and a growing recognit ...
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分享 Land Acknowledgement & Statement on Slavery
MingHao 2023-12-8 12:14
https://www.wm.edu/offices/deanofstudents/services/studentdiversity/land-acknowledgement/ https://www.apa.org/about/apa/land-acknowledgment https://www.wm.edu/sites/lemonproject/news/universities-grapple-with-historical-ties-to-slavery.php https://www.wm.edu/ https://encyclop ...
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分享 Land ACKNOWLEDGMENT and Statement of Slavery
MingHao 2023-12-8 11:58
https://nativegov.org/news/a-guide-to-indigenous-land-acknowledgment/ https://americanindian.si.edu/nk360/informational/land-acknowledgment https://native-land.ca/resources/territory-acknowledgement/ https://www.nyc.gov/site/cchr/about/cchr-land-acknowledgment.page https://www.ne ...
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分享 Colonialism
MingHao 2023-12-8 10:18
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